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                  Shanghai Renai Hospital 6.18 Mid-Year Big Promotion! Act Now!

                  Jun 29, 2021Posted by nameless

                  618 Mid-year Big Promotion may be the most anticipated event in June except for the Dragon Boat Festival, the majority will take this opportunity to buy things at a preferential price.

                  But as we all know, staying healthy is the most essential factor to live a long and happy life.

                  So Shanghai Renai Hospital's Mid-year Promotion should not be missed!

                  Not only will the general health checkup packages have 50% off, but C-13 UBT, vaccines, gastroscopy and colonoscopy checkup package will be given discount during the promotion period!

                   Starting from 15th June to 15th August, 2021. 

                    Check the pictures below to learn more





                  • Appointments need to be made at least 3 days in advance.

                  • As for general health checkup and C-13 urea breath test, please refrain from eating or drinking anything(including water) from 10pm the previous night before the checkup, and come in the morning.

                  • Due to a large amount of appointments during special offer period, the reports of general health checkup will be ready about 4 weeks.

                  • Payments are limited to cash, credit card, Alipay and WeChat pay.

                  • The International Dept. of Shanghai Renai Hospital reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion.

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