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                  20th Anniv. of Renai Hospital with Amazing Medical Benefits

                  Sep 6, 2021Posted by nameless
                  Time flies and the 20th anniversary of Shanghai Renai Hospital falls on this September. Over the years, we have been deeply grateful for your support and company. In the future, we will keep our original aspiration and forge ahead with better medical service.

                  During the anniversary celebration days, Shanghai Renai Hospital International Medical Center will offer a big discount on some medical services. Please see the poster below to get the benefits. 


                  Make an appointment:

                  Tel: 021-54893781

                  Email: info@renai.cn


                  Appointments need to be made at least 3 days in advance.

                  For general health checkup, please fast(no food and no water) after 10 pm the day before checkup till you finish it.

                  For breast & cervical cancer screening, please avoid menstrual period and abstain from sex for 3 days before the checkup.

                  Due to a large amount of appointments during special offer period, your reports could be ready after about 4 weeks.

                  Payments are limited to cash, credit card, Alipay and WeChat pay.

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