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                  Shanghai Renai Hospital Introduction

                  Shanghai Renai Hospital (A Medicare designated hospital) was established in September 2001. It is a modern general hospital based in Shanghai. Renai hospital is influential throughout the East China region and enjoys a high reputation in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. 

                  The Hospital has over 20 clinical departments including: Plastic & cosmetic surgery dept., dermatology dept., dental dept. , gynecology dept., medical checkup dept., T.C.M. therapy dept., pediatric clinic dept., orthopedics dept., internal medicine dept., urology dept., general surgery dept., ophthalmology dept., Ear,Nose,Throat dept., International dept..

                  The hospital is equipped with clinical laboratories, pharmacy, infusion rooms, wards and operating rooms. We focus on diagnosing and treating a variety of common and frequent occurring diseases and we also provide more than 20 specialized medical programs.

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