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                  • info@renai.cn
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                  Contact US
                  Contact US

                  Address: No.127, Caoxi Rd. (near by IKEA and Shanghai Indoor Stadium) ,

                  Xuhui District. Shanghai 200235 P.R.C

                  Tel:(8621)54893781, 64688888-801/810 

                  Fax: (8621) 64693926 

                  E-mail: info@renai.cn

                  WeChat: 15021633821(WeCom Contacts)

                  Renai is located in the bustling city center, Xu Jia Hui area, where there is convenient transportation from every corner of Shanghai. For those who drive their own vehicles, free parking service is provided with in hospital compound.


                  Our Address: No.127, Caoxi Rd. (close to IKEA and Shanghai Indoor Stadium) , Xuhui District. Shanghai. (漕溪路127號)


                  Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 8:30am-5:00pm (No Rest on holidays).

                  Transpotation Guidelines

                  Take a bus

                  Destination station: Caoxi Rd Tianlindong Rd (漕溪路田林東路)

                  All the following buses could arrive the destination station.

                  1.20, 57,NO.218, NO.325, NO.43, NO.50, NO.703.

                  2.NO.704B, NO.704, NO.718, NO.720, NO.816.

                  3.NO.92B, NO.92, NO.946, Xumin Line.

                  Take Subway

                  1. Take Line 3 to Cao Xi Road Station Exit 3, walk to Cao Xi Road then turn left, go along for around 400 Meters (opposite to IKEA PUXI)

                  2. Take Line 1,4 to Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station Exit 6, turn left and walk along Cao Xi Road for around 700 Meters (opposite to IKEA PUXI)

                  CALL US
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