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                  Cosmetic Dermatology
                  Cosmetic Dermatology

                  Cosmetic Dermatology

                  Dermatology Department Introduction

                  Shanghai Renai Hospital Dermatology Department has been focused on skin care and health problems for more than 10 years. The Department has a number of senior skin beauty experts; equipped with Gemini green laser system, the Light Sheer Duet hair removal system and brilliant 360 laser system and other new skin beauty equipment. The department has rich experience in treating a variety of skin diseases including acne, skin spots, red capillary and other skin diseases. Since its establishment in Shanghai in 2001, the Department has won wide acclaim from customers for its high quality medical skills, advanced equipment and top services.

                  The expert team of the Department is led by laser beauty expert Sun Hairong. Head of the department Sun Hairong once studied at Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Huashan Hospital and accumulated rich clinical experience in laser skin beauty. As a well-known laser skin beauty expert, she has published dozens of medical papers. She pioneered in introducing laser and photon beauty technology and a variety of facial rejuvenation integrated therapies for the treatment of pigmented skin, light aging skin, vascular disease, hirsutism and skin care.

                  At the same time, other experts of the team have more than ten years of work experience and skilled in the treatment of acne, skin rejuvenation, freckle, wrinkle and other skin care. The team of expert strives to provide quality services and bring superb experience to customers. The high quality of services ranked among the top around the nation.

                  Treatment projects

                  Skin whitening, rejuvenation, acne removing, hair removal, freckle treatment, anti-aging are major treatment projects of the department. Laser treatments are frequently adopted to effective treat all kinds of skin problems and achieve treatment and care integrated services.

                  Characteristic Technology

                  The Department has a number of characteristic technologies including Light Sheer Duet hair removal, Deep blue radio frequency anti-wrinkle, double-wave skin care C10 freckle treatment, effectively solve skin problems such as dark spots, acne, wrinkles, thick body hair, etc. The department provides a full range of skin care services to be welcomed by the public.

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