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                  Medical Checkup
                  Medical Checkup

                  Medical Checkup

                  Health checks are one of the most important services we offer at Renai. We use a new-generation screening program, which provides an in-depth tailored health analysis, screening each organ closely to detect even the smallest symptom that could be an indication of a major disease.

                  The check also identifies reasons for minor aliments, which are constant irritants. It also serves as a personal medical record for future reference. Once the check is completed, if treatment is required, it can begin without delay.

                  We suggest having a medical check up every five years until age 40 and then every one to three years thereafter. One rule of thumb suggested: For individuals in their twenties -- two exams during that time period; in their thirties -- three exams; forties -- four exams. An annual health exam is recommended for most patients after age 50. It is always best to work with your doctor to decide what is best for you.

                  What to Expect

                  The clinician should check or ask questions about the eyes, ears, nose, throat, abdominal area, swallowing, appetite, digestion, circulation and lungs. A urine specimen is used to test problems with kidneys; a blood sample, to check cholesterol and iron levels.

                  The clinician may request additional tests, depending on age, gender, medical history and family history. A chest X-ray, EKG, rectal examination, or stress test may be suggested. The clinician may suggest lifestyle changes and call for health interventions. New patients should be quizzed about their medical history and that of close relatives. There should be a few questions about their social history.

                  There isn't much counseling done at this time as it relates to lifestyle changes. A study by Consumer Reports revealed that patients don't receive much counseling when they go in for their health checkups.

                  Attention and Procedure for Medical Check-up

                  1. Please have an empty stomach when you come for physical examination.

                  Our opening hours: 9:30 am to 11:30am, and please arrive to our medical check up center(Building No.1, 1st floor) before 9:30 am.

                  2. Attention for the physical examination:

                  1). Please keep a normal diet, don't eat oily food, chicken and duck blood or any other animal's blood product, don't drink any alcohol 3 days before. Please have an empty stomach when you come for the physical examination.

                  2.) Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and chronic disease patients shouldn't stop taking routine medication.

                  3). If you plan to do a liver, bravery, pancreatic ultrasound, should have an empty stomach before the check up.

                  3. Special notice for women:

                  1) If you think you may be pregnant, please notify the medical staff and do not do any x-rays or gynecological or pudendum examinations.

                  2) Pudendum ultrasonic and gynecological examinations are only needed for sexually active women.

                  3) If you plan to do Pap smear test, please don't douche or use any vaginal suppositories 3 days before the examination.

                  4) If you are menstruating, please wait until your period is over to do a urine routine, pudendum ultrasonic, or gynecological examination.

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