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                  Vaccination And Immunization
                  Vaccination And Immunization

                  Renai international medical center now offers vaccinations and immunizations to both the local and expatriate community. We have been providing expatriate vaccination services since July 2009, and we are currently the only government authorized and designated immunization center in Xu Hui district.

                  In addition to all the typical vaccinations, we also offer any special vaccinations needed for travel. We also provide any scheduled vaccinations for children and the latest flu vaccinations.

                  Timely vaccination protects you against many preventable diseases.

                  Vaccination Schedules & Packages

                  An exclusive vaccination clinic has been opened on the first floor, with facilities to meet the international standard for vaccination and immunization. Our new vaccination clinic consists of vaccination and observation rooms, a special waiting room for children and a consultation room. Consultations and immunizations are provided by our well trained physicians and nurses. You may contact our physicians for any questions you may have about vaccinations.

                  Well-trained nurses and physicians provide consultations and immunizations.


                  Influenza vaccine


                  Hepatitis A vaccine

                  Hepatitis B vaccine

                  Japanese encephalitis (JE)

                  Meningococcal Vaccination

                  MMR vaccine(mumps, measles and rubella)

                  MMRV vaccine(mumps, measles, rubella and varicella)

                  Pneumococcal vaccine (protect against pneumococcal pneumonia)

                  Well-baby check-up & Vaccination package(0-12 months&0-24 months)  

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